20ft Split Container Office/Welfare
The perfect solution for construction sites or to extend your existing office space.

Container Office Conversion Kitchen Area and Toilet

This standard converted shipping container features a main office space with a kitchen area and a separate toilet. The container is accessed through a steel vandal resistant single personal door and two double glazed shutter windows provide natural illumination and ventilation.

A wooden partition with a personnel door separates the toilet area, which features a low-level WC, a washing wand basin and a water heater. The kitchenette with an 8ft worktop, sink, taps and an under-sink cupboard is placed against the wooden wall.

 The container walls are insulated and lined throughout using 3mm vinyl faced ply “Wilkins White” on 25mm PIR walls and 50mm PIR ceiling. The floor is covered by non-slip vinyl.

This conversion also features a UK certified electrical installation fitted throughout with an external 220-240V single phase inlet and an internal distribution board, two ceiling battens for illumination, two switched sockets and a wall-mounted convector heater.

20ft Office with Kitchen & Toilet

Shipping Container
Price On Request

CAD Drawing of 20Ft Office Toliet & Kitchen Conversion

*Please note: All drawings are for representation purposes, Big Green Container Sales reserves the right to modify these designs at any time. Do not dimension from this drawing, use figured dimensions only. All measurements in millimetres. Reproduction is not permitted without authorisation.

Shipping Container Offices Gallery

Portable Office with these features

1x Steel Single Personnel Door

2 x Double sockets

Black Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

1x Toilet with WC, Basin and Water Heater

2x Steel Vandal Resistant Shuttered Double Glazed Window

1x Wall Mounted Heater

Bespoke Colours Also Available

Gentian Blue (RAL 5013) or Bottle Green (RAL 6007)

1x Wooden Partition across the width

1x Timber Personnel Door

2x Ceiling LED Lights

1x Kitchenette with Sink, Taps and Cupboard

Container Office Conversion in

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