4M Steel Container



2.1m x 4m
(6.9 Ft x 13.1Ft)

Flat Packed Storage Containers for Sale 4m

Storage Container Details

This flat pack storage container is the perfect solution to your storage needs.

Compared to traditional storage methods this flat pack container gives you improved security versus a traditional shed.

It is light enough to be carried down alley ways or through houses there is no need for crane or forklift.

You don’t have to be a specialist to construct the container, armed with just a socket set and instructions even the modest DIY’er will have this constructed in no time.

NEW 4 Meter Flat Pack Shipping Container

The flat pack boasts an atheistically pleasing look available in Anthracite Grey (RAL7016) or Bottle Green (RAL6007)

Low cost alternative to main stream containers

Simple assembly, can be constructed by two people.

24 hour security with our light weight, durable all weather wireless motion sensor. Battery operated sensor with a 500ft operating range.

Grafo Therm coated by Grafo Therm Solutions to prevent condensation in summer months.

Delivery option available.

Installation service available.

External Length 4.00 m
External Width 2.00 m
External Height 2.10 m
Internal Length 2.92 m
Internal Width 1.92 m
Internal Height 2.013 m

Max. Capacity of Floor 2000 kg
Weight (Flat-packed) 410 kg
Heaviest Part dismantled 107 kg

Steel Gauge 0.70 mm
Galvanized Metal Sheet

Height (Flat-packed) 300 mm
Length (Flat-packed) 4 m
Width (Flat-packed) 2 m

Door Width 1.40 m
Door Height 1.94 m

Floor Type 22 mm OSB Board
Internal Flooring OSB Board
Internal Wall Covering Galvanized Steel

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